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I wish I could hate ya’ll for this but I can’t…

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Tom Hiddleston By Desmond Muckian [Originals ]

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Oh … great … another King Kong movie … because that’s what the world needs, another re-make.


Tom being painfully embarrassed and ashamed is so cute. 







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Scared of regret. Not scared, but definitely have some regrets - it’s part of living and learning (just don’t wallow in your past misdeeds, learn and move forward).

Your most embarrassing favourite song. Anything Bee Gees (hahaha!!)

If you could be any Shakespearean Character who would it be. Awesome question … Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing).

And why. I love her character and she’s one of the few female Shakespearean characters I like (yes, I could have picked a male character).

What makes you feel good about yourself. Mmm… accomplishing a goal - small or large.

Any guilty pleasures. Sugar. I know it’s not a “traditional guilty pleasure” but I know how much I need to cut it out of my life, but I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to it & it makes me feel guilty.

Favourite language. Anything but English. English is my only language, but it’s just so blunt and it’s getting lazier day by day.

Hiddleston or Cumberbatch or both. Both!!!

Do you like 70s Music. See my Bee Gees comment! Plus I love 70’s rock music (Dazed & Confused is quite possibly my favourite movie, the cars and the soundtrack are wicked).

Is there anything you really hate in your fandom/s. Immaturity, from any age group & bad fan behaviour.

Weirdest crush. I don’t think I have any weird crushes … nope, they’re all pretty average (actors, athletes, musicians).

Okay, I’m going to lazy & open this to everyone. So, if anyone of my amazing followers reading this wants to do these questions - please go ahead! Cheers. :)

Even though this guy works at Variety - I’m not sure how legit this news is. As recently as last week most news sites still had Tom rumoured/tied to the project. If Tom truly did pass on the part three months ago, you’d think the industry would know and wouldn’t continue to tie Tom to the project (although Deadline is now saying that “it’s not clear if Tom will take part”).


Either way, I’m not keen on a re-make of Ben-hur … doesn’t need to be redone.


So lovely… Before the incubus that was Coriolanus drained the well dry.