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#heforshe is so great, love the continuation of making women’s issues about men, love how nothing can exist unless it’s through men, love it

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Chris O'Dowd and Tom Hiddleston at the Empire Awards 2012 (x)

Chris O’Dowd is adorable.

He is SO adorable.

It’s not that I don’t like Andy Gotts photography, sure artists tend to have a ‘style’, but he does seem to be a one tricky pony … a pony that over photoshops his subjects. I’m not sure I’d called him a photographer … more a kin to a retoucher.

Don’t just buy the fuckin’ tee because Tom is wearing it, do some research behind the cause, for fucks sake. Bunch of sheep.



Seen at Wheatland: preparing for Hank Williams film by joining & onstage:

Another Wheatland Music Fest pic for you fans. He sang “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” w/:

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gallifreyglo jazzytee iamdust this gif is gonna be the death of me.


I wish I could hate ya’ll for this but I can’t…

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