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Love this! (x)

Are people really that stupid/gullible? Did you really think that Marvel was going to list the entire cast list for every upcoming Marvel movie? FFS - stop being so fuckin’ stupid. They weren’t going to announce the full list of cast … and guess what … they didn’t. Oooh what a shocker.




Someone clearly needs to learn what sarcasm is. FFS.

I am having a slight meltdown with all the tweets from Hall H @ SDCC. OMG. From the sounds of it - the new Batman movie is going to be amazing, Fury Road is going to be epic … and now they’ve just started the Hobbit panel. FML.


Lee Pace slept next to camping out Comic Con goers. (x)

Lee’s belly looks a wee bit burnt.

(via cumbercrieff)

Colin Firth overlooking #sdcc. He’ll be in Hall H later today for KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE” (x)

Good god - he’s so freakin’ handsome.

Oh god. Lee Pace is going to be on MTV Live @ ComicCon tomorrow … there goes my afternoon.


There has been a lot of controversy about the new “Thor is a woman!” issue. I don’t personally like it, but Marvel has done it before (remember Thorita) so calm your tits people. I don’t see anybody (besides me maybe) complaining for the lack of Sif. SIF. A great, wonderful…

This I could totally get behind … I’d love a Sif comic/movie. It makes a lot more sense to move in that direction … instead of some bullshit (regardless of it being done before) version of Thor as a woman.